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The Liberal/Leftist Case Against Israel: A Rebuttal

Ricochet member Trace Urdan has drawn my attention to an interesting piece that just appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education: a review, by Alan Wolfe, of several books critical of Israel. The review, entitled “Israel’s Moral Peril,” draws a distinction between liberal criticism — that which accepts Israel’s legitimacy and views a two-state solution […]

Thank You, AIPAC

I had the privilege —  along with 13,000 other delegates — of attending the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington last week. It was an extraordinarily stimulating and interesting two-and-a-half days — indeed, it was so jam-packed with speeches, panel discussions, breakout seminar discussions, luncheons, dinners, and galas that my mind is still reeling. The level […]

“I Am the American Dream”

You might have seen this ad already — I just saw it for the first time this morning; it was posted by a Facebook friend — but it strikes me as interesting, particularly in light of the South Carolina results. (Click on it to see it larger.) Now, it’s easy to look at this with […]

Another Iranian Nuclear Scientist Assassinated

Yesterday, a young Iranian nuclear scientist, Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, was killed while on his way to work in north Teheran. The car in which he was driving exploded; a bomb had apparently been attached to the car with a magnet by a passing motorcyclist. Roshan was identified by the Mehr News Agency as the deputy […]

Gender Segregation in Israel

As you’re no doubt aware — I gather the American media are slavering all over this story — there is a good deal of upset over here right now concerning the disgusting abuse hurled by some ultra-orthodox Jewish men in Bet Shemesh at an eight-year-old Jewish girl. She is herself orthodox, just not orthodox enough […]

Merry Christmas from Israel!

I’m a big Christmas fan — I love Christmas carols and twinkly store windows and holiday movies (ever see The Bishop’s Wife, with Cary Grant, Loretta Young, and David Niven?). It’s a beautiful holiday, and I always feel a bit of a pang this time of year. I’d love to share the day with you, but […]

Hassan Nasrallah Steps Out of Hiding (Briefly)

Well, they’ve obviously got some good catering going on in the bunker. Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, thecapo di tutti capi of Hezbollah-choked south Lebanon, has emerged from the hideout he’s been living in since the Israelis chased him out of sight in 2006. He took a stroll this morning — surrounded by a dense crowd of dozens of bodyguards […]

Weighing In on the “Israelis, Come Home” Ads

I’ve been a bit under the radar lately as I’m in the late stages of trying to get my mystery novel ready for publication — I’m self-publishing it (a saga unto itself) and have been trying to deal with an amazingly long list of decisions (just what should those squiggles that separate scenes look like?) to unexpected […]

Serious Explosion Shakes Isfahan, Site of Iranian Nuclear Facilities

A huge explosion went off this afternoon in Isfahan, Iran’s third-largest city. If this was sabotage, Isfahan was a heck of a target: not only does the city contain several experimental nuclear reactors, but just outside it is a uranium conversion facility where uranium is processed into uranium hexaflouride gas (UF6). UF6 is stockpiled at […]

Strategic Shift Inside Iranian Opposition?

As you may have read, there was a humungous explosion at a Revolutionary Guards base outside Tehran over the weekend that is reported to have killed 17 soldiers and wounded 16. One of the dead was Brig. Gen. Hassan Moghaddam, identified byThe New York Times as a “top commander in Iran’s ballistic missile program.” This explosion follows on the heels […]