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Why Hezbollah Is Bombing UN Peacekeepers

Yesterday afternoon, near the Lebanese coastal city of Sidon, a roadside bomb was detonated beside a four-vehicle UN troop convoy. Six French UN peacekeepers were injured, echoing a similar attack in May at almost exactly the same spot that injured six Italian peacekeepers. UNIFIL was expanded in 2006 as part of UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which marked the […]

Natural Gas Dispute: Hezbollah, Feeling UN Pinch, Comes Out Swinging On Maritime Border With Israel

Lebanese MP Muhammad Raad, of the Loyalty to the Resistance bloc (i.e., the Hezbollah party), said yesterday that “rockets of the resistance will cover all of Israel. Even the city of Eilat won’t be spared” if Israel dares attack Lebanon over the natural gas border dispute. In the next breath, he demanded that all funding and cooperation […]

US Sides With Lebanon Over Maritime Border With Israel; Implications for Natural Gas Finds

Swinging away from the oil story for the moment and onto the natural gas story: Lebanon is attempting to lay claim to natural gas deposits under the Mediterranean by defining its maritime border with Israel and consequently defining its exclusive economic zone. Israel and Lebanon have never agreed where their maritime border lies, so this […]

Lebanon’s Grand Mufti to Palestinians: “You are trash”

The Grand Mufti of Lebanon, Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Qabbani, held a meeting in Beirut last week with a delegation representing the 400,000 Palestinians living in Lebanese refugee camps. The meeting was called to address thefts of Islamic Wakf lands in Lebanon by Palestinians. “We’ve hosted you and no longer want you,” Qabbani said. “I will […]

Naqba Day 2011

Today was the Day of the Naqba, or Day of the Catastrophe, as the Arab world refers to the creation of the state of Israel. Anti-Israel demonstrations took place in Israel’s neighboring countries, and violence erupted inside the country as well. In a particularly aggressive move, hundreds of pro-Palestinian Syrians broke through the fence separating Syria […]

Hezbollah Fleeing the Syrian Ship?

DEBKAfile, citing unspecified military sources, is reporting that Hezbollah is planning to pull its heavy, long-range missile systems out of storage in Syria and bring them to Lebanon. The arms in question are Iranian-made Fateh-110 surface-to-surface missiles, its Syrian equivalent the M-600, and the mobile SA-8 (Gecko) anti-air battery, which holds 18 warheads. If this is true, […]

Hezbollah Shown to Be Using Lebanese as Human Shields

These just-declassified IDF maps show the Israeli army’s assessment of the locations of Hezbollah’s bunkers, weapons facilities and surveillance posts in the village of El-Khiam, which is about two and a half miles north of the Israeli border. Hezbollah’s installations in and under El-Khiam total about 950. If you open the PDF and scroll down to […]

Bahrain to Evict Lebanese Shiites; Labels Hezbollah Terrorist Organization

Bahrain is reported to be planning to throw out thousands of Lebanese Shiites on suspicion of links to Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, based on American, French and Bahraini intelligence suggesting that those groups are coordinating the protests against the regime. Ninety Lebanese Shiites arrested during the recent crackdown on protesters will be deported immediately, […]

Israel On the Hot Seat

Things are starting to heat up rather abruptly for us here in Israel. Hezbollah is making noises about invading the Galilee, and two Iranian warships are said to be moving toward the Suez Canal on their way to Syria. Libya is calling on Palestinians to rise up and attack Israel. The Jordanian Foreign Minister — after recommending that […]

Riot Roundup: Add Yemen to the Mix

I have to dash but want to give you a snapshot of what’s going on today: EGYPT: Anti-government riots are continuing into a third day. Riot police are using tear gas and rubber bullets; demonstrators are using petrol bombs and rocks. Four confirmed dead so far (three demonstrators in Suez and a policeman in Cairo). […]