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The Liberal/Leftist Case Against Israel: A Rebuttal

Ricochet member Trace Urdan has drawn my attention to an interesting piece that just appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education: a review, by Alan Wolfe, of several books critical of Israel. The review, entitled “Israel’s Moral Peril,” draws a distinction between liberal criticism — that which accepts Israel’s legitimacy and views a two-state solution […]

Thank You, AIPAC

I had the privilege —  along with 13,000 other delegates — of attending the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington last week. It was an extraordinarily stimulating and interesting two-and-a-half days — indeed, it was so jam-packed with speeches, panel discussions, breakout seminar discussions, luncheons, dinners, and galas that my mind is still reeling. The level […]

“I Am the American Dream”

You might have seen this ad already — I just saw it for the first time this morning; it was posted by a Facebook friend — but it strikes me as interesting, particularly in light of the South Carolina results. (Click on it to see it larger.) Now, it’s easy to look at this with […]

Weighing In on the “Israelis, Come Home” Ads

I’ve been a bit under the radar lately as I’m in the late stages of trying to get my mystery novel ready for publication — I’m self-publishing it (a saga unto itself) and have been trying to deal with an amazingly long list of decisions (just what should those squiggles that separate scenes look like?) to unexpected […]

Serious Explosion Shakes Isfahan, Site of Iranian Nuclear Facilities

A huge explosion went off this afternoon in Isfahan, Iran’s third-largest city. If this was sabotage, Isfahan was a heck of a target: not only does the city contain several experimental nuclear reactors, but just outside it is a uranium conversion facility where uranium is processed into uranium hexaflouride gas (UF6). UF6 is stockpiled at […]

A Pre-Statehood Declaration Cri de Coeur

At the end of this week, Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen), President of the Palestinian Authority, will declare the establishment of the State of Palestine at the UN. The state’s welcome by well over 100 member states has already been assured. The recent reconciliation of Abbas’s PA with ever-bloodthirsty Hamas — which, together with the […]

Rioters Assault Israeli Embassy in Egypt; Ambassador Evacuated

Three are dead and about 1,200 injured following the storming of the Israeli embassy in Cairo by thousands of Egyptian citizens on Friday. The crowd destroyed a security wall surrounding the embassy while police and soldiers stood by, apparently unclear how to react. Once the embassy walls had been breached, soldiers began firing shots into the […]

You Take London, I’ll Take Tel Aviv

I watched a video yesterday, before Hurricane Irene moved in on New York, in which a Queens resident who had been instructed to evacuate explained his refusal to leave. He said that he had no idea how much police presence there was going to be in the immediate aftermath of the storm and could not […]

Would There Be A Tea Party if Hillary Were President?

It’s come to this: The New York Times Magazine is now openly wondering, “What Would Hillary Clinton Have Done?” Setting aside for the moment the implications of the Democrats’ flagship paper essentially announcing (or seeming to announce on the headline level, which, for many readers, probably amounts to the same thing) that it has lost faith in Obama, there […]

Jewish Americans Weigh Rick Perry

Jewish American voters are getting their knickers in a twist (sorry — reading too much British news lately) over Governor Rick Perry’s conspicuous Christianity. Two items in particular have set off alarm bells — the prayer rally he led this month and his reference to having been “called” to the presidency. I confess that the first item […]