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Amateur Hour: Herman Cain Apologizes to Muslim Brotherhood Imam

Ryan Mauro reports at Pajamas Media that Herman Cain, still smarting from the backlash over his declaration that Americans should have the right to oppose the construction of mosques, has since visited a mosque and had so heartwarming an experience there that he has apologized. Trouble is, the leader of the mosque — and Cain’s […]

Fissures Erupt in the Muslim Brotherhood

Haaretz reports that several prominent members of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood have left the mother ship. Some are establishing new parties — direct rivals to the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party — and bringing young Brothers along with them. Others are running for president of Egypt, which the Brotherhood has expressly forbidden at this stage. The wave of […]

Watch Your Backs, Muslim Infidels

Coptic Christians and Israelis are hardly the only people in this neck of the woods with cause to worry about the emboldenment of Islamic fundamentalists in Egypt following the collapse of the Mubarak regime. As far as the Islamists are concerned, Sufi Muslims are no less an enemy. If this is news to you, that’s […]

And So It Begins: The Muslim Brotherhood Flexes Its Muscles

Well, that didn’t take long. The Islamic fundamentalists at the helm of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood are now calling openly for “modesty police” to combat so-called “immorality” in public areas. There has also been, in addition to a rise in Islamist attacks on Christians, a rash of desecrations of tombs of popular Muslim mystics (suffis) of whom […]

Patience Is a Virtue: A Muslim Brotherhood Primer

Head’s up, confused Western punditocracy! There’s a critical cultural dissonance that I suspect explains a lot of the naive foolishness being displayed by long-distance observers about the Muslim Brotherhood and its alleged shift away from a violent ideology and towards moderation. The Western world — particularly Americans — and the Arab world have completely different ways […]