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Why the Gaza Flotilla Is Losing Steam

As expected, the news that the Turkish group IHH — the guiding light behind the second annual “humanitarian” flotilla to Gaza — will not participate has cast the whole enterprise into doubt. An unspecified source told Haaretz that “problems have arisen on other boats that are supposed to take part in the flotilla.” There were originally supposed […]

IHH Bails On the Gaza Flotilla

The IHH, or Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation, announced today that it will not participate in the flotilla to Gaza planned for later this month for “technical” reasons. The Turkish authorities have apparently declined to give the Mavi Marmara — the same ship that sailed to Gaza last May, and on which nine people died in clashes […]

Tomorrow It’ll Be a Year. A Mavi Marmara Refresher

In honor of the event, here’s some footage of the response of the humanitarian activists to having their ship boarded after repeated warnings not to breach the blockade. And a clip of Israeli soldiers being fired upon by the humanitarians with live ammunition. And a peace activist stabbing an Israeli soldier. And some of the […]

Aluf Benn: Let the Flotillas Run the Blockade

Aluf Benn has a provocative editorial in today’s Haaretz advising the Israeli military to lighten up about the armada of “humanitarian aid” ships that are planning to run the Gaza blockade in May. About 1,000 protesters are expected to head this way aboard twenty ships, and “feverish preparations” are afoot among the Israelis to head it off. […]