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Strategic Shift Inside Iranian Opposition?

As you may have read, there was a humungous explosion at a Revolutionary Guards base outside Tehran over the weekend that is reported to have killed 17 soldiers and wounded 16. One of the dead was Brig. Gen. Hassan Moghaddam, identified byThe New York Times as a “top commander in Iran’s ballistic missile program.” This explosion follows on the heels […]

Why Hezbollah Is Bombing UN Peacekeepers

Yesterday afternoon, near the Lebanese coastal city of Sidon, a roadside bomb was detonated beside a four-vehicle UN troop convoy. Six French UN peacekeepers were injured, echoing a similar attack in May at almost exactly the same spot that injured six Italian peacekeepers. UNIFIL was expanded in 2006 as part of UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which marked the […]

Why Is Greece Obstructing the Gaza Flotilla? A Gassy Theory

The updates on the flotilla grow more and more delightful. First the IHH pulled its boat, sparking a precipitous drop in the number of ships pledging to participate in the stunt. Then the Turks backed up the Israelis by flatly rejecting the claim by the flotilla organizers that the Irish boat was sabotaged by pro-Israel forces while docked […]

Why the Gaza Flotilla Is Losing Steam

As expected, the news that the Turkish group IHH — the guiding light behind the second annual “humanitarian” flotilla to Gaza — will not participate has cast the whole enterprise into doubt. An unspecified source told Haaretz that “problems have arisen on other boats that are supposed to take part in the flotilla.” There were originally supposed […]

1967 Reference Cut from G8 Statement

Allegedly at the insistence of Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada, a reference to the 1967 lines as a basis for a future border between Israel and Palestine was removed from the G8’s statement calling for the resumption of negotiations. Harper has declined to confirm or deny his hand in the deletion, but Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu […]

Is the World Spinning Off Its Axis?

Within forty-eight hours, both The Independent and The Guardian have published pieces about the Palestinians and Israel that are absolutely on target. The Independent punctures the Palestinian “Arab Spring” balloon, while The Guardian — The Guardian! — disembowels Mahmoud Abbas’s mendacious editorial in The New York Times. It states in the clearest possible terms that Abbas revealed his […]