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Israeli Natural Gas: Midsummer Update

1. Egypt-to-Israel gas pipeline attacked again as Sinai descends into chaos. Yesterday, the pipeline in the northern Sinai that brings natural gas from Egypt to Israel was attacked for the third time this month and the fifth time since the protests that brought down Hosni Mubarak. Gunmen approached the pipeline in two trucks, used rocket-propelled grenades to punch a hole […]

Natural Gas Dispute: Hezbollah, Feeling UN Pinch, Comes Out Swinging On Maritime Border With Israel

Lebanese MP Muhammad Raad, of the Loyalty to the Resistance bloc (i.e., the Hezbollah party), said yesterday that “rockets of the resistance will cover all of Israel. Even the city of Eilat won’t be spared” if Israel dares attack Lebanon over the natural gas border dispute. In the next breath, he demanded that all funding and cooperation […]

A Closer Look at Israeli Oil Shale Technology

As promised, here is a primer on the oil shale technology that might help Israel become energy independent. The technology was invented by the serendipitously named Dr. Harold Vinegar during his 32-year tenure at Royal Dutch Shell. Shell is exploring the use of the technology in Jordan, where there are also major oil shale deposits, but […]

US Sides With Lebanon Over Maritime Border With Israel; Implications for Natural Gas Finds

Swinging away from the oil story for the moment and onto the natural gas story: Lebanon is attempting to lay claim to natural gas deposits under the Mediterranean by defining its maritime border with Israel and consequently defining its exclusive economic zone. Israel and Lebanon have never agreed where their maritime border lies, so this […]

Israeli Oil Shale — The First Step Toward Energy Independence?

The resources are there. So is a phalanx of home-grown opposition. This is a photograph I took on Thursday of a chunk of oil shale that had been dug up moments before from 400 meters below ground (1,300 feet, or a bit deeper than the height of the Empire State Building) at a drilling site […]

Why Is Greece Obstructing the Gaza Flotilla? A Gassy Theory

The updates on the flotilla grow more and more delightful. First the IHH pulled its boat, sparking a precipitous drop in the number of ships pledging to participate in the stunt. Then the Turks backed up the Israelis by flatly rejecting the claim by the flotilla organizers that the Irish boat was sabotaged by pro-Israel forces while docked […]