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You Take London, I’ll Take Tel Aviv

I watched a video yesterday, before Hurricane Irene moved in on New York, in which a Queens resident who had been instructed to evacuate explained his refusal to leave. He said that he had no idea how much police presence there was going to be in the immediate aftermath of the storm and could not […]

The English Riots According to Russell Brand

The object of this post is to determine how many readers’ heads will explode in response to an item that has nothing to do with Sarah Palin. The British actor/writer Russell Brand, who is either — depending on your taste — a comedic genius or an insufferable git (or possibly both), has written an editorial for the Guardian in […]

Peter Hitchens Has the Solution

  Peter Hitchens, brother of Christopher, is not mincing words about the mayhem in Britain. Here he is in the Mail Online. I’m curious to know to what extent his program appeals to you. A rant too far, or just what you were thinking?   Say to [PM David Cameron] that naughty children should be smacked at […]