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The Liberal/Leftist Case Against Israel: A Rebuttal

Ricochet member Trace Urdan has drawn my attention to an interesting piece that just appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education: a review, by Alan Wolfe, of several books critical of Israel. The review, entitled “Israel’s Moral Peril,” draws a distinction between liberal criticism — that which accepts Israel’s legitimacy and views a two-state solution […]

Why Do Academics and Artists Lean Left?

This morning I opened the Jerusalem Post and found these two articles next to each other: Hamas PM: Only Armed Resistance Will Liberate Palestine and Israeli Leftists Demonstrate for PA Statehood in Tel Aviv Those leftists can’t have all been unconscious when the PA returned to the Hamas fold last spring. They appear, then, to be choosing […]

Unintended Consequences of Statehood Bid? Spain Acknowledges that Israel Is a Jewish State

Okay — I’ll admit that I find it faintly comical that in 2011 it should still be considered both newsworthy and an indication of a substantive shift in diplomatic policy for a European senior government official to acknowledge that Israel is a Jewish state. Still, it would be churlish to deny that under prevailing bizarro-world […]

Wave of Terror Kills Seven, Injures 40 in Southern Israel

In a dramatic — and strikingly well-organized — escalation of the terror war against Israel, a string of attacks took place today about twelve miles away from the southern resort town of Eilat, near the Egyptian border. The New York Times describes this as “the most serious assault on Israeli territory in more than two years” and notes that this […]

Hamas Bigwig: Palestinian Statehood Bid a “Scam”

You’ll recall that Hamas joined forces with its political enemy the Palestinian Authority in May, although they have yet to form a government. Word was that the stumbling block was the PA’s insistence on retaining Salam Fayyad as prime minister, a choice Hamas flatly rejects. But that’s the least of it. Mahmoud al-Zahar, a prominent […]

Why Is Greece Obstructing the Gaza Flotilla? A Gassy Theory

The updates on the flotilla grow more and more delightful. First the IHH pulled its boat, sparking a precipitous drop in the number of ships pledging to participate in the stunt. Then the Turks backed up the Israelis by flatly rejecting the claim by the flotilla organizers that the Irish boat was sabotaged by pro-Israel forces while docked […]

Hamas: Shalit Can Rot, But You’re a Criminal If You Deny Our Prisoners Advanced Degrees

This exchange is so manifestly ludicrous on so many levels that it sounds like something that might have come out of an Evelyn Waugh satire, if Waugh had been able to write about Jews without gagging. Last week, Hamas flatly rejected a demand by the Red Cross that they provide evidence that Gilad Shalit, the IDF staff […]

Fatah-Hamas Unity Teetering; Cairo Summit Canceled

That was quick. The two Palestinian factions, long known for — indeed, substantially defined by — their mutual loathing, kissed and made up to great fanfare in May. PA President Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal were supposed to meet in Cairo this Tuesday so they could announce the composition of their new unity government. […]

Why the Gaza Flotilla Is Losing Steam

As expected, the news that the Turkish group IHH — the guiding light behind the second annual “humanitarian” flotilla to Gaza — will not participate has cast the whole enterprise into doubt. An unspecified source told Haaretz that “problems have arisen on other boats that are supposed to take part in the flotilla.” There were originally supposed […]

IHH Bails On the Gaza Flotilla

The IHH, or Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation, announced today that it will not participate in the flotilla to Gaza planned for later this month for “technical” reasons. The Turkish authorities have apparently declined to give the Mavi Marmara — the same ship that sailed to Gaza last May, and on which nine people died in clashes […]