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Naksa Day 2011: IDF Clashes With Protesters

Nakba Day, or “Day of the Catastrophe,” was the day the Arabs commemorated the disaster of Israel’s creation in 1948. Today is Naksa Day, on which they commemorate the disaster of Israel’s victory in 1967. (“Naksa” translates roughly to “setback.”) The Lebanese army, perhaps in response to a warning from Israel, has shut down access to […]

Aluf Benn: Let the Flotillas Run the Blockade

Aluf Benn has a provocative editorial in today’s Haaretz advising the Israeli military to lighten up about the armada of “humanitarian aid” ships that are planning to run the Gaza blockade in May. About 1,000 protesters are expected to head this way aboard twenty ships, and “feverish preparations” are afoot among the Israelis to head it off. […]

Danger, USB! Was Israel Behind Stuxnet or Not?

Peter Robinson over at Ricochet recently suggested that Israel deserves at the very least a crate of champagne for managing to disrupt the Iranian nuclear program, an accomplishment that has eluded Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the EU, and the IAEA — and all without a single plane sent into harm’s way, a single bomb dropped, or a […]

Grim IDF Reality Check

Oh dear God. I may have to go back to bed and pull the covers over my head. The blog Israel Matzav (“The Situation in Israel”) has posted excerpts from interviews with two people who know what they’re talking about with regard to Israel’s military readiness. And what they have to say isn’t pretty. They are Amos […]

IDF Resumes Targeted Assassinations

Yesterday, in a joint operation conducted by the Shin Bet and the Israeli Air Force, Israel killed 27-year-old terrorist Mohammed Namnam, identified by the Jerusalem Post as “a top operative with the Army of Islam, a radical Palestinian terror group affiliated with al-Qaida and involved in the 2006 abduction of Gilad Shalit.” IDF spokeswoman Lt.-Col. Avital […]