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WikiLeaks and Israel

How has Israel responded to the WikiLeaks information dump? Mostly with a shrug.

Our anxieties about Iran’s nuclear ambitions have been largely vindicated by the extent to which our Arab neighbors obviously share our concern. Iran’s been put on defense, which marks a refreshing change. (Naturally, Israel/AIPAC/nefarious-Jews-in-general are now being accused of orchestrating the dump expressly for that purpose. Honestly, folks. We’re not that organized.)

What revelations there were about us are mostly positive, and they fall predominantly in the Friends You Didn’t Know You Had category. We’ve had high-level covert contacts with the United Arab Emirates for quite some time, for example, and we have the sympathy of the Emir of Qatar (who knew?). We’ve also received anti-terrorism intel from the Pakistanis. Both the US and Israel are worried about the direction Erdogan is taking Turkey, but that’s hardly stop-the-presses stuff.

I’m actually a little surprised that there weren’t at least a few embarrassing cables flying around. Israelis can be spectacularly tactless — their attempts at diplomacy are often flat-footed because they’re genuinely, culturally ignorant of the term — and I’d thought it probable that even if we’d managed to keep our own indiscretions safely hidden on encrypted phone lines, the reciprocal feelings of the Americans towards us might have been jotted down in a confidential memo or two. Nothing, though. A quarter of a million documents and not a single diss?

Huh. Maybe it really was us.