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IDF Sets Up Medical Clinic in Japan

The IDF reports that a delegation of medical personnel arrived yesterday at Minami Sanriku in the Miyagi Prefecture, an area particularly hard hit by the tsunami. The delegation, which consists of sixty soldiers and commanders from the Medical Corps, Home Front Command, and Logistics Branch, as well as radiation experts, is putting together a field clinic. The team met with journalists yesterday to encourage them to broadcast the existence of the clinic, which will begin admitting patients today.

“The scenes here are worse than in an earthquake,” said Brig-Gen. Shalom Ben- Aryeh, the head of the delegation. “It looks like after a meteor strike or a nuclear explosion. Everything from mud, water, wood, trees, cars, trucks and debris are all mixed together.”

The soldiers brought with them sixty-two tons of medical supplies. The clinic will feature X-ray equipment, a pediatrics ward, a surgical ward, maternity and gynecological wards, an ear/nose/throat area, an optometry department, a lab, an ICU, and a pharmacy. Medical officers from the delegation have met with local doctors and will meet today with community leaders. Seven Japanese Hebrew-speakers joined the delegation yesterday to provide translation services for patients.