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Palestinian Nonviolence In Action

Oh, for heaven’s sake.

The Economist is the latest stalwart of the quality press to swoon over the events of Naqba Day. The protesters were downright Gandhi-esque, apparently, in their commitment to peaceful, non-violent, civil disobedience. The paper issues the challenge:

Will we even bother to acknowledge that the Palestinians are protesting non-violently? Or will we soldier on with the same empty decades-old rhetoric, now drained of any truth or meaning, because it protects established relationships of power? What will it take to make Americans recognise that the real Martin Luther King-style non-violent Palestinian protestors have arrived, and that Israeli soldiers are shooting them with real bullets?

Here are some photographs from daisy-tossing, non-violent Naqba Day.

1. The aftermath of a terrorist attack in Tel Aviv in which an Israeli Arab — apparently taking up the fight on his brethren’s behalf — plowed his truck into vehicles and pedestrians, killing one and injuring 17, while shouting “Allahu Akbar” and “Death to the Jews”:

terrorist attack, Tel Aviv, Naqba Day 2011

2. A Palestinian throws a fire bomb towards Israeli soldiers following Friday prayer in Arab East Jerusalem:

Jack Guez/AFP/Getty Images

3. Palestinian protesters surge over the Syrian-Israeli border fence near Majd al-Shams in a mass infiltration attempt:

infiltration on Syrian border, Jalaa Marey/JINI/Getty Images

4. A Palestinian throws a firecracker towards Israeli border police in the Shufat refugee camp outside Jerusalem:

Ahmad Gharabli/AFP/Getty Images

[All images via The Atlantic.]