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Who Needs Facebook? Apple Puts Third Intifada App on iPhone

Remember when Facebook was obliged by a storm of outrage to remove a page called “The Third Intifada,” which urged Muslims across the Arab world to descend on Israel together to crush her once and for all?

Well, who needs Facebook?

If you go to iTunes, you’ll discover that there is now an iPhone app called The Third Palestinian Intifada, which updates users in Arabic on upcoming protests, streams Israel-bashing articles and editorials, provides links to nationalistic pro-Palestinian videos and songs, and displays photos of “martyrs”.

Israeli Public Diplomacy Minister Yuli-Yoel Edelstein has sent a letter of protest to Steve Jobs. Good luck with that.

I am typing this on my Mac, of course. And next to me is my beloved iPod. I forbid my kids from touching my computer because God forbid a peanut-butter fingerprint should soil its aluminum perfection. I’m recalling the swooning encomia I’ve delivered to all and sundry about the exquisiteness and effortless superiority of Apple’s products. This is depressing.

The feeling I have right now is distinctly similar to the feeling I had when I heard that Elvis Costello, whom I’ve revered for decades, was canceling his concert in Israel because his “conscience” couldn’t allow him to sing songs to the people who “visit intimidation, humiliation or much worse on Palestinian civilians.” That felt as though he’d shown up at my apartment, rung my doorbell, and spat in my face.