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Hamas: Shalit Can Rot, But You’re a Criminal If You Deny Our Prisoners Advanced Degrees

This exchange is so manifestly ludicrous on so many levels that it sounds like something that might have come out of an Evelyn Waugh satire, if Waugh had been able to write about Jews without gagging.

Last week, Hamas flatly rejecteddemand by the Red Cross that they provide evidence that Gilad Shalit, the IDF staff sergeant whom they have kept chained in assorted cellars in Gaza for five years, is alive. Not a single person has been permitted to visit Shalit since he was snatched; nor has he been permitted so much as a letter from his mother throughout his captivity.

Speaking a few days ago at the Israeli Presidential Conference, PM Bibi Netanyahu announced that in response to Hamas’s refusal to provide proof of life, he has “decided to change Israel’s policy concerning terrorists in Israeli prisons. We are obliged to respect Israeli law and international law, but we are not bound to anything beyond that, and therefore the over-generous conditions in Israeli prisons will stop…I have for example stopped the absurd procedure whereby terrorists register for academic studies. There will be no more masters in murder and doctorates in terror. This party is over. ”

Hamas has responded by calling Netanyahu’s tightening of conditions a violation of international law.