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Israeli Invents Anti-Terrorist Robot

A former Shin Bet agent, Amos Goren, has invented a robot that can be deployed as an anti-terrorist operative at any civilian installation. The robot, Amstaff, is designed to work in groups to detect and defuse threats over large areas: four or five of them would be able to handle Ben Gurion Airport, for example.

When they spot a threat, they move quickly towards it, transmit photos to a remote control room, and shout via loudspeaker to the suspects to stop. While this is happening, they share data with each other in real time to coordinate their responses. All of this is done without human direction. Amstaffs are equipped to fire on suspects, but won’t do so until authorized by a person in the control room; that is the only action that requires human intervention. “The smart robots can detect any threat long before the human brain would,” Goren said. “This is thanks to artificial intelligence features of the devices that enable them to operate autonomously.”

Amstaffs are attracting interest among defense and security agencies abroad, as well they should. As Goren points out, “The outstanding advantage of a system like this is that the robots have no mother and no father.” Neatly put. Anything that stops bad guys without putting good guys in danger is aces in my book. Same reason I admire the minds who put together the Stuxnet virus.

Whoever they may be.